t is the setting of an active multimedia show about a site with a historical or archeological dimension represented by a scale model. The show itself is an ARCHEOSCOPY.

The dramatic principle consists in placing the spectator in an atmosphere and scenery out of the present time, but closely related to the chosen site. The show aims at presenting the site, its history, its architecture... in an attractive and spectacular way, with the aid of a sophisticated scenographic device using the latest technology : video images or 35 MM, sound, light, but also laser, optical fibre, holography...

the whole being operated by a computer which runs the overall technical management .

The dynamic mix of dramatic effects with “serious” talk and visual representations on the subject enables a better assimilation of the cultural content.

The ARCHEOSCOPE of a place, a monument, an event is a new kind of research, bringing together the top specialists on the subject, at the service of dramatisation of History, to make it attractive to as many as possible.